12 April 2017

Beware the Kraken! What happens when you start plotting transfer rates.

FTS transfers  are how the WLCG moves alot of its data. I decided decided to look at what the instantaneous rates within the transfers were.Lines in the log files appear as:

I decided to plot the value of the instantaneous rate with respect to how often this value appeared. Plotting this for 2/18 FTS servers at RAL for ~1month of transfers gives:  

This has been described as a Kraken, the hand of Freddie Kruger, a sea anemone or a leafless tree's branches blowing in the wind . Please leave comments on your own suggestion!!

I also decided to look at the subset of data for FTS transfers to the new CEPH storage at the RAL Tier1 and saw this:

My first thought is that it is similar to the Cinderella castle by Disney.
https://www.pinterest.com/explore/disney-castle-silhouette/ :)

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